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J Jones Answers - What Killed Leah Miller

J Jones Answers - What Killed Leah Miller - Jonathan Jones...

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Jonathan Jones 10/30/10 What Killed Leah Miller Response 1. Are Leah’s symptoms and the autopsy findings consistent with shaken baby syndrome? Explain your answer. Yes. S&S of SBS include: lethargy, irritability, vomiting, poor sucking or swallowing, decreased appetite, lack of smiling or vocalizing, rigidity, seizures, difficulty breathing, altered consciousness, unequal pupil size, an inability to lift the head, and an inability to focus the eyes or track movement 2. Describe the nature of a subdural hematoma, specifically: a. Where is a subdural hematoma found? With any subdural hematoma, tiny veins between the surface of the brain and its outer covering (the dura) stretch and tear, allowing blood to collect. In the elderly, the veins are often already stretched because of brain atrophy (shrinkage) and are more easily injured. b. How can shaking a baby lead to a subdural hematoma? Shaking a baby can cause trauma to blood vessels in the brain c. How can a subdural hematoma lead to brain injury or death?
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