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Student Name __Jonathan Jones ________________ Date ___10/30/10 _________________ Nursing 212 - Violence Against Healthcare Workers http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2002-101/ 1. What are 3 reasons that violence against healthcare workers is on the rise? a) Fewer beds / placement @ mental health facilities; fewer locked facilities; fewer commitments b) Use of hospitals by law enforcement for criminals c) Unlimited access by public 2. Make up a title of a seminar that would teach nx how to deal with violent patients? How to De-escalate a Frustrated Pt with a Hx of Violence 3. What is the code for violent in the hospital where you have your clinical rotation? Dr. Armstrong 4. Name 3 types of body language that are possible warning signs of violent behavior? a) Raising of voice, yelling, verbal threats b) Hitting inanimate objects c) Disrespect of “physical space” 5. Name 3 things that you currently do to keep yourself safe.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Wear seatbelts b) Park under street lights c) Walk w/ Zack http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/ANAPoliticalPower/State/StateLegisl ativeAgenda/WorkplaceViolence/ModelWorkplaceViolenceBill.aspx 1. List 4 consequences of workplace violence. a) Lower workplace satisfaction b) Decreased pt care c) Staff turnover d) Lawsuits 2. What are 2 rights of healthcare workers regarding violence in the workplace? a) Whistleblower protection - no backlash if they report a misdeed b) Right to have their report investigated c) Right to have workplace free of sexual harassment / discrimination 3. ID 2 pieces of info to be included on the records of a facility documenting a violent occurrence? a) Event – step by step b) Agency response 4. How often should a healthcare facility offer violence training for employees? Annual...
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