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Chapter 03 - Textbook Solution Manual - Homework - CHAPTER...

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CHAPTER 3 COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS NOTATION USED IN CHAPTER 3 SOLUTIONS SP: Selling price VCU: Variable cost per unit CMU: Contribution margin per unit FC: Fixed costs TOI: Target operating income 3-1 Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis examines the behavior of total revenues, total costs, and operating income as changes occur in the units sold, selling price, variable cost per unit, or fixed costs of a product. 3.3 Operating income is total revenues from operations for the accounting period minus cost of goods sold and operating costs (excluding income taxes): Operating income = Total revenues from operations – Net income is operating income plus nonoperating revenues (such as interest revenue) minus nonoperating costs (such as interest cost) minus income taxes. Chapter 3 assumes nonoperating revenues and nonoperating costs are zero. Thus, Chapter 3 computes net income as: Net income = Operating income – Income taxes 3-4 Contribution margin is the difference between total revenues and total variable costs. Contribution margin per unit is the difference between selling price and variable cost per unit. Contribution-margin percentage is the contribution margin per unit divided by selling price. 3-8 An increase in the income tax rate does not affect the breakeven point. Operating income at the breakeven point is zero, and no income taxes are paid at this point. 3-10 Examples include: Manufacturing––substituting a robotic machine for hourly wage workers. Marketing––changing a sales force compensation plan from a percent of sales dollars to a fixed salary. Customer service––hiring a subcontractor to do customer repair visits on an annual retainer basis rather than a per-visit basis. 3-16 (10 min.) CVP computations. 3-1
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Variable Fixed Total Operating Contribution Contribution Revenues Costs Costs Costs Income Margin Margin % a. $2,000 $ 500 $ 300 $ 800 $1,200 $1,500 75.0% b. 2,000 1,500 300 1,800 200 500 25.0% c. 1,000 700 300 1,000 0 300 30.0% d. 1,500 900 300 1,200 300 600 40.0% 3-17 (10–15 min.) CVP computations. 1a.
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Chapter 03 - Textbook Solution Manual - Homework - CHAPTER...

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