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Bio Lecture 20 - corresponds with the codons of the mRNA...

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Group (Lecture 20) Kathy Vu [email protected] Jae Woo Chung [email protected] Discussion: Thursdays 12-12:50 3 vocab words: 1) codons: A sequence of three nitrogenous bases that are on mRNA that pairs with the anticodon of tRNA to make a polypeptide. The pair up of each anticodon and codon makes one amino acid, connects with the following pair, and makes a polypeptide chain until it encounters a 'stop' codon where the polypeptide will be released to the cytoplasm and a new protein synthesis starts. 2) exons: The coding stuff. A sequence of DNA that codes information for protein synthesis that is transcribed to messenger RNA. 3) introns: The non-coding stuff. A segment of a gene situated between exons that is removed before translation of messenger RNA. Translation: mRNA is translated into protein by ribosomes and tRNA. Each tRNA has three nucleotide sequence called anticodons which
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Unformatted text preview: corresponds with the codons of the mRNA. Also there are start codons and stop codons that initiate and terminate the protein synthesis. AUG is the start codon and UAG, UAA, UGA are the stop codons. You can remember this by thinking that since "A" is in the beginning of the alphabet, it starts, and since U comes near the end, it is the stop codon. Also on the ribosomes there are three different sites for the tRNA. E, P, and A. An easy mnemonic would be, Attaching site for A Producing site for P Exiting site for E. The tRNA attaches to the A site then is slided over to P, then when the next tRNA is attached to the A site, the amino acid of the P forms a peptide bond with the new amino acid in site A. The "empty" tRNA in site P then slides over the site E and is exited from the ribosome....
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