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Lec. 2: Evidence for Evolution 1/6/09 The Evolution of Evolutionary Thought A. Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck 1) Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck was the first to propose a formal theory of evolution 2) Proposed that simple organisms originiate at the base of the great chain of being by spontaneous generation and then evolve by moving up the chain over time 3) Suggested the inheritance of acquired characters, which is when individuals change in response to their environment B. Darwin and Wallace 4) Unlike Lamarck, Darwin and Wallace propose changes in species are not linear or progressive, but based on variation among individuals in populations 5) Darwin and Wallace propose evolution occurs through natural selection 6) Darwin describes evolution as descent with modification, which means that change over time produced modern species from ancestral species 7) Darwin's phrase to describe evolution: “Descent with modification” means that the species today descended from other, preexisting species and that species change over time.
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