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Lecture 5: Kinetic Gas Theory Continued: 1/13/10 A) Mean Squared Velocity 1. Directly proportional to RT 2. 3RT/M 3. The faster a molecule moves, the lower its molar mass B) Internal Energy of an Ideal Gas 1. Internal Energy: A sample of gas in the absence of kinetic, potential energies, what is the absolute energy contained in this gas sample 2. To find: 3/2 RT 3. The only parameter needed is the temperature 4. Refer to example in Kinetic Gas Theory powerpoint
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Unformatted text preview: C) Diffusion of Ideal Gases 1. Graham's Law of Diffusion 2. Diffusion rate is directly proportional to rms particle velocity 3. Ratio of two diffusion rates=sqreroot M2/M1 if the ratio of the diffusion rates is K1/K2 4. Graham's Law of Effusion: Effusion rate (to come out of an opening) Ke directly proportional to 1/sqrtP 5. Refer to example in powerpoint...
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