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Lecture 17: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology: 2/17/10 A. Total Number of Species 1. Measured by s urveys of species-rich groups at small sites (taxon-specific surveys) a. All types of species are put into an inventory and an overall estimate is made 2. Or measured through intensive local sampling B. Where is Biodiversity Highest? 1. Species richness highest in tropics and declines toward he poles
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Hotspots: regions that are much more species rich than others 3. Endemic species: species that are found in a particular area and nowhere else C. Causes of Extinction 1. Habitat loss 2. Overharvesting (dominant problem in marine species) 3. introduction of exotic species 4. pollution 5. all endangered species are affected by more than one factor...
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