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4/28/10 Postmodernism 1960s to present A variety of artistic, architectural, philosophical and cultural movements that are said to arise as the result of modernism A) Postmodernism in Social Science 1) Rejection of uncritical confidence in modern science 2) Smugness (arrogance) about objective knowledge B) Postmodern Artists/Ideas 1) Andy Warhol: used art to make commentary on culture, that we all look the same (can of tomato soup). The media was defining how we should be
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Literature: “The Death of the Author” the author should die once he is finished writing to not trouble the path of the text. Its up to the reader to decide what the writer is saying 3) Architecture a) modern: geometric, box-y b) postmodernism: each one is unique c) July 15, 1972 the destruction of the modern housing projects. Buildings housing the poor were destructed on this day and it was the end of modern architecture...
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