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10 - 1 believed we could only study behaviors because we...

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5.14.10 Psychology: The study of Behavior and Mental Processes 1. Sigmund Freud a. Developed model for personality 1. id “I want it now” biological drive 2. ego “I need to do planning to get it” 3. super ego “You can't have it right now” comes in through culture. Our moral character 2. Jean Piaget: How is knowledge developed? a. Four stages of Cognitive Development *** On test 1. sensorimotor stage: babies touch everything birth-2yrs 2. preoperations stage: inability to conserve quantities self centered stage 2-7yrs 3. concrete operations tage: can understand viewpoint, but no empathy, can deal with concrete ideas 7-12 4. formal operations stage: can grasp abstract concepts 12+ 3. Behaviorists: Bringing positivism into psychology a. John Watson: did not believe heredity impacted behavior, only environment.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. believed we could only study behaviors because we can only observe and measure behaviors, they did not study mental processes, only behaviors b. BF Skinner: whoever controls the rewards/motivation controls behavior 1. operant conditioning: taught rat to press lever food 2. behavior does not explain language: is it innate or not? It is innate, we learn it regardless 3. believed that operant conditioning is the answer to society's problems 4. we can condition prisoners out of crime by giving them negative punishment 4. George Miller: Cognitive Science 1. concept of 7+ or -2, the limits on working memory capacity how much we can keep in our minds right now 2. we can remember numbers in chunks like phone numbers...
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