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Research in Social Science 4/14/10 A. Two types of Research 1. Quantitative research: collecting numbers, studies, surveys, test hypothesis, results are numbers, 2. Qualitative research: databased, goal is to look for causal explanations, conducted through interviews B. Qualities of Empirical (Scientific Laws) 1. Universal 2. Based on Observation with the senses 3. Causal Explanations 4. Social science cannot state causes with certainty, only with probability C. Logical Positivism 1. Positivism: Positive (not speculative) knowledge is based on natural phenomena and their
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Unformatted text preview: properties verified by empirical science 2. It was a 20 th century philosophical movement that holds that meaningful statements about the natural world are true only if verified by observation and experiment D. Operationalism 1. When we define our term, we have to state how it will be measured 2. In social science, how do we measure happiness, job satisfaction? E. Pragmatism Founded by William James (practical) 1. Useful, good outcomes, good predictions 2. **Deduction works when we have a hypothesis 3. **Induction data to theory...
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