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exam2set1 - CHEM 121(i(print last name Print Name(first...

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/ (i) CHEM 121 (print last name) (first name) (m.i.) I Print Name: EXAM # 2 Social Security No.: --1--1 1 1--1--1-- FALL 2003 Recitation Section No.: Date: 10/24/2003 Recitation Section Instructor: Dr. Bob Conley DIRECTIONS (IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOWDIRECTIONS #1 AND #2 CORRECTLY, YOU WILL LOSE TWO (2) POINTS ON THIS EXAM) 1. First fill in the information at the top of this paper. Print your last name as it appears on the class roster,then print your firstname and middle initial.Then read and sign the honor code statement below. Finally fill in the requestedinformationon the SCAN-TRON ANSWER SHEET accordingto the followini scheme: Print your name in the space labeled NAME - (print last name first) ~ Sign your name in the space labeled SUBJECT Enter your Recitation Section # in the space labeled DATE Enter your Rec. Sec. Instructor's name in the space labeled HOUR 'f \, ;~ . ". 2. The last page of this exam is a periodic table. It also has a list of several important constants. You may carefully remove this last page, if you choose, but do not open the staple. 3. This exam consists of two parts, A and B. PART A has 16 multiple choice questions worth four points each. Each question has only one correct answer, and no credit is lost if you choose a wrong answer. Therefore, leave no question unanswered, even if you simply must guess. 4. PART B consists of three problems numbered I, II, and III. Show all work, show how the units cancel to give the final units on your answer, and report your answer to the proper number of significant figures, rounding properly as you do so. No credit is given simply for the correct answer -- credit is given only for the correct method and accompanying work. Part credit is given where appropriate. Write your final answers in the spaces provided. HONOR CODE STATEMENT: On my honor I pledge that I have not violated the provisions of the NJIT student honor code. Signature: DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE PART A: '~ (64) ~. . PART B: #1 (12) (12) Top Third, #2 #3 Middle 3rd (12) Last Third TOTAL SCORE: ~
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OHEMISTRY121 -- FALL 2003 -- COMMONEXAM #2 Page -1- . PART A (16 multiple choice questions worth 4 point each; 20 minutes) II:.i 1. KN03
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exam2set1 - CHEM 121(i(print last name Print Name(first...

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