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Unformatted text preview: {D785950B-90C8-4525-A30E-03F25E4F08B1} {C4F3C754-C3E7-40F1-A1AD-FAE8DABA5BFD} {19EE5BBD-E31A-491C-80C9-AB2BB2960650} Text Currency Date Memo Hyperlink Numeric Yes/No AutoNumber Attachment Object • Page Com Discovering Computers 11 11 The Hierarchy of Data • A Page Discovering Computers 12 12 Maintaining Data {3FC8B13E-DBA4-4DA0-B951-669D1B905877} {277A3BD7-03D9-4C9B-B613-B7DCA0718AD3} {69AC429C-78BA-43D0-AB92-3E75791D3CC3} Adding records Modifying records Deleting records • • Page Discovering Computers 13 13 Maintaining Data • Page Users Discovering Computers 14 14 Maintaining Data • Page Users Discovering Computers 15 15 Maintaining Data • Page Whe Discovering Computers 16 16 Maintaining Data {1D6BB0ED-AE59-44A2-AF73-8042822206C7} {44C1B67D-1ABE-4F00-A324-1091A9A03ACA} {BAEAA931-3E51-4D4F-96C9-1164D5FBD2DC} {BC3FD48E-184C-4959-9F79-F03A80A64F53} {338D96A3-3D58-49A7-BAE7-E8E74E38C3B2} {50AAC77E-1A86-4A80-9096-C1D157506C2C} Range check Alphabetic/Numeric Check Consistency check Check digit CompletenessOther checks check • • Page Click to view Web Link, click Chapter 9, Click Web Link from left navigation, then click Data Validation below Chapter 9 Discovering Computers 17 17 File Processing Versus Databases a redundancy {FBBFFECC-FD49-4B4A-A23B-3F64A6491760} {E191597B-A605-4E4F-A9F4-EA15B8FBB727} tabase approach File processing system {6359B97C-75C1-40C8-8754-534299D...
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