Chapter 09

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Unformatted text preview: Discovering Computers Fundamentals, 2010 Edition Living in a Digital World Objectives Overview {501A839A-B226-4AF7-B2CB-CE11EE7AA54B} {F9022B54-68C2-4973-9A00-460029290542} {D2F0F61A-8412-467C-87B9-8474CB50B8C1} {43E08AF3-8A52-4128-BBE0-73DF6CAF2529} {FEFAAB38-5DAB-4FFD-A1AC-FF4E605E8E0F} rocessingexplain how a database interacts Discuss the termsrecords, deleting ase, and approach techniques (adding records,data and information field, e file maintenance and the qualities of valuablemodifying character, Describe database approach information with • See Discovering Computers 22 Objectives Overview {915A8A58-9FA7-4B6D-A159-0425D847423E} {D9BAD5AE-E8EF-48CC-BC35-21581307C02A} {D106D101-98E2-4ADD-B050-08FB6FD9C7E3} {A24A8794-781D-44C3-92B1-073197A59EBC} ties of database analysts and administrators most databaseobject-oriented, Explain how to access Web databases relational, management sy Discuss the functions common to of Describe characteristics • See Discovering Computers 33 Databases, Data, and Information ideo ages ext tdio ments access, retrieval, and use of that data bers allows {FB9C2B27-E710-44EC-BC01-C702F88FBC08} {89BDF940-1E60-4BC0-ADD1-08B1DD27A0E0} {A341F818-CF12-404A-8DC2-904088044688} Information {AF6F67BD-CBB3-4186-BAA1-EA4312FDBE34} {5DF79A8E-6352-4CA4-8428-8DB381A00F4D} Data Database Processed data Collection of unprocessed items {643436...
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