Chapter 9 discovering computers 31 31 relational

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Unformatted text preview: • A Page Click to view Web Link, click Chapter 9, Click Web Link from left navigation, then click Data Warehouses below Chapter 9 Discovering Computers 32 32 Web Databases {75391379-7205-4EBA-9723-D60832B8B209} {C7AD7FCE-AE13-40CF-B701-08C7B1BD3826} {9F6F4B63-2E37-4035-BAA8-0A0F3B5A377D} {F6E8387A-077E-4148-B5BE-14828A3B6153} {D5F330C7-7216-41C9-940E-C7CF32FD5CC1} {6137781D-A527-4F87-818B-26107641C17C} e airline reservations or services grades Buyclasses stocks for a job Shop for products semester for college or sell Search Check Register • Page Data Discovering Computers 33 33 Web Databases • Page Discovering Computers 34 34 Video: How a Photo Sharing Site Keeps Its Data CLICK TO START Discovering Computers 35 35 Database Administration • Page It is Click to view Web Link, click Chapter 9, Click Web Link from left navigation, then click Database Design Guidelines below Chapter 9 Discovering Computers 36 36 Database Administration relationship, and identifies users’ access privileges {AC0A5223-09DE-4A25-9583-848178E3F8FD} {4B63BE9F-BF51-450E-9098-A74063A00BBD} Database analysts and administrators are responsible for managing and c {547D3455-3F90-484C-86FE-69AB2477DF53} e Administrator (DBA) nd maintains the data dictionary, manages security, monitors performance, • Page Discovering Computers 37 37 Database Administration • Page Empl Discovering Computers 38 38 Summary {AE30F8D6-EA39-4A2C-8436-2644F58BAFD5} {ECE388E6-695F-42E8-8089-C49D1521AD9F} {4F857BB6-EA70-4C86-BCAF-3D8C70C5715F} {8F3A89E4-7B23-4A04-812D-9B540C80ED47} {4BBE8786-495C-4339-8A11-193A48FA3812} {4BE61A80-F514-4E80-B78E-1A2FBAB1DD95} s f the database analysts and administrators valuable informationvaluable o types ofMethods for maintainingquality of and information are a databa databasesAssessing the How data of data Advantages organizing data in high-quality • Page Discovering Computers 39 39 Discovering Computers Fundamentals, 2010 Edition Living in a Digital World Chapter 9 Complete...
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