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Unformatted text preview: 61-7466-4B89-8D54-2882A0EE3760} Images • Page Discovering Computers 44 Databases, Data, and Information • Page Discovering Computers 55 Databases, Data, and Information {B6F2F5A7-BED6-48DE-BDED-00B22612B2FD} {8AAA8758-3C97-4925-B298-F159AD212B19} {DEEA4B1C-F503-4DF4-8562-EF8AB6F2C3D2} {208ED72B-AEAE-43DD-A956-316FC3A6298B} dd, modify, and forms and reports from the data Sort and retrieve data Create delete data Create a computerized database • • Page Discovering Computers 66 Databases, Data, and Information • Page Data Discovering Computers 77 Databases, Data, and Information {DD79D247-41F8-4446-90B5-D081A1B1825E} {244AB3D5-CD15-4028-A959-C653CC0042D6} {F49B6862-B927-4B4D-B7EC-C96243A11BD8} {64516BC7-A9A6-47E1-8B6B-994901CCF96F} {75CD7450-F6D8-453B-BD1A-CA1A0278BB22} {7AC4EAC9-2D61-401F-B2C7-11BED3C94AAC} {41DBB944-46FC-4E22-8611-1AB7F2B6C6A5} Accessible Organized Useful Timely Cost-effective Verifiable Accurate • Page Valua Discovering Computers 88 The Hierarchy of Data • Page Data Discovering Computers 99 The Hierarchy of Data • Page A Discovering Computers 10 10 The Hierarchy of Data {3ADEFB70-4B77-456C-A7F2-ADB036757FF1} {57EF7F38-8121-4C23-801C-7A208D7732AE} {E6668FF6-8B29-47F6-91BD-78E25A8DAB79} {77C41238-8EB3-4B17-8F37-E146AEC82874} {31F45061-3A27-46AB-A124-2073E40F7E4B} {20806765-36AD-4827-8B14-B9ED1355C746} {B89D2363-4393-4349-9E6F-B9626E964A63}...
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