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as2-great depression - Important Historical Events Over the...

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Important Historical Events Over the past century, many events have occurred that are worthy of the spotlight in classrooms across the country. Some of these events have played a larger role in shaping the foundation and ideals of the United States, while others have had a much smaller impact on the country. It is important that we learn about the past, so we can make a better future .The three most significant historical events over the past century are the Great Depression, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the Watergate Scandal. The first event in US history that is important to learn about is the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a worldwide business slump that occurred in the 1930’s. It was the worst and longest period of high employment and low business activity in modern times (US Economy 1929). This event is important in our country’s history because it caused many changes in the United States. It brought new laws that gave the government more power than at any previous time in the nation’s history. It also changed the attitudes of countless Americans towards various aspects of life. One area in which attitudes were affected was towards business and the federal government. Before the depression, most people regarded bankers and business executives as the nation’s leaders. But, after the stock market crashed, these leaders could not relieve the depression, and
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as2-great depression - Important Historical Events Over the...

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