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wk 2 checkpoint-geology - If they were different shapes...

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Fossils help determine the relative age of a strata by the erosion and different sediments during the different time periods. Usually this can be determined by the different fossils that are found in that strata. If there are dinosaur bones in strata A, then that strata was created back when the dinosaurs were around or were becoming extinct. The three different localities are from the same relative age because they are similar pieces of fossils and look a lot alike.
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Unformatted text preview: If they were different shapes, colors and had different sediments found on them, then they would be considered unrelated to each other. The fossils in Figure 3.6 are from the Ordovician Period, Pennsylvanian Period, Devonian Period, and Triassic Period. These periods tell the scientist or excavators when each piece of fossil was left in that area. This can also be used to find out other things about the period of time from the sediments that are found on the fossils....
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