homework - >> subplot(2,2,2)...

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Kevin Diaz Homework >> t=[0:0.02:10]; >> x=10*exp(-0.5*t).*sin(3*t+2); >> y=7*exp(-0.4*t).*cos(5*t-3); >> plot(t,x,t,y,':'),xlabel('t'),ylabel('x(t),y(t)'),legend('x(t)','y(t)') >> Year=[1990:1994]; >> Temp=[18,19,21,17,20]; >> subplot(2,2,1) >> stem(Year,Temp),xlabel('Year'),ylabel('Temperature(Deg.C')
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Unformatted text preview: >> subplot(2,2,2) >> bar(Year,Temp),xlabel('Year'),ylabel('Temperature(Deg.C)') >> subplot(2,2,3) >> stairs(Year,Temp),xlabel('Year'),ylabel('Temperature(Deg.C)') >> x=[23,32,19,6]; >> pie(x), title('Grade Distribution'),gtext('A'),gtext('B'),gtext('C'),gtext('D')...
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homework - >> subplot(2,2,2)...

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