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Jake Le Master World History Bouwman Final Exam What was slavery like in ancient civilizations? The force of labor upon an individual without his or her consent traces back before written word. Slavery has no origin. We can only get a perspective of its role in ancient cultures through artifacts and documents that have survived the abrasiveness of time. Over 2000 years ago, the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia were socially divided in three ways. The first and second classes were the priests/noble landlords and the freeman, respectively. These two classes had complete political freedom. Occupying the third and lowest class were the slaves. Slavery in those times was not due to racial or ethnical background but to misfortune. A person could lose his freedom by falling into debt thus resorting to becoming a slave for as long as it takes to repay what was owed. Another way to fall into that third class was to be on the defeated side of a battle or war. Treatment towards slaves was mostly benevolent, however if a slave was owned by someone other than a creditor, such as slaves who were convicts or miners, then malevolent treatment was not uncommon (Adler 24). Slavery in ancient Egypt didn’t become prevalent until the rise of the New Kingdom (ca. 1550-700 B.C.) and was very akin to that of Mesopotamia. Slaves usually
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found themselves in that standing because of a fall into debt, becoming a felon due to a severe offense, or being a prisoner of war. Also like Mesopotamia, they were not normally maltreated and contrast to what many assume, they most likely did not build the Great Pyramids. Slavery was also coinciding in the neighboring Jewish Kingdoms
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bouwmanslavery - Jake Le Master World History Bouwman Final...

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