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In my opinion, the debate of education through social experience supported by John Dewey versus traditional education for the improvement of man supported by Robert Hutchins wages on because both theories can be supported by research. It seems that in the educational field, one can find research and success stories to back any of the prevalent theories. When successful results are realized, the theory used becomes the next great idea. Likewise, if something is not working in the broader scope, the general reaction is to take the polar opposite approach, or the “either-or” approach as Dewey calls it (Dewey, page 4). An example of this was the progressive movement that contradicted the traditional approach commonly adopted in education to that point. The progressive approach granted students a great deal of freedom in their learning and did not advocate imposition of knowledge and morality as practiced under the traditional educational theory. As Dewey writes, the reader can tell he was not completely enamored with the progressive approach either. He states, “There is always the danger in a new movement that in rejecting the aims and methods of that which it would supplant, it may develop its principles negatively rather than positively and constructively,” (Dewey, pages 5-6). He also speaks of still needing structure and organization in effective education which separates him further from the progressives and paints him as more of a “compromiser” (Noll, page 3). For example, Dewey says “. . . basing education upon personal experience may mean more multiplied and more intimate contacts between the mature and the immature than ever existed in the traditional school, and consequently more, rather than less, guidance by others,” (Dewey, page 6). Generally speaking, Dewey believed in learning through social experiences or learning
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deweyeducation2 - In my opinion the debate of education...

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