Review - Communist Party in Action (Rossi)

Review - Communist Party in Action (Rossi) - Among the...

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Among the anti-Communist literature written by ex-Communists, Rossi's book (originally published in 1948 as Physiologie du Parti Communiste Français) is of particular value to the critical student. The author, an Italian socialist who joined the Communist party at its formation in 1921 and later became a member of the secretariat of the Comintern, resigned from the Communist party in 1929 at a time when many of the well-known converts were still quite active in the Stalinist organizations. Furthermore, Rossi never renounced his belief in socialism; he remained active in the socialist movement in France. Finally the book is well documented from primary Communist sources. Essentially it is a critique of Communist (Bolshevist) strategy and tactics, based upon the experiences with the Communist party in France before and during the Second World War. Since the structure and organization of the Russian Communist party (Bolsheviki) from its beginnings closely adapted to its strategy and tactics, and since the Bolshevist party became the model for all Communist parties outside Russia, the Rossi devotes a great deal of his treatise to a description of the organization and structure of the French Communist Party and to its various adjustments in organization to the changes in the tactical situation. Rossi shows very adroitly that the
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Review - Communist Party in Action (Rossi) - Among the...

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