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Review - Illusions of an Epoch (Acton)

Review - Illusions of an Epoch (Acton) - This is a serious...

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This is a serious and useful study of the metaphysics of Marxism. Harry Burrows Acton points out that for the most part Marxism is regarded as "a body of economic and social doctrine" and has therefore been chiefly "dealt with by economists, social theorists or historians." But Marxists themselves regard their beliefs about "the most general and significant factors of the universe" as giving "depth and significance" to their economic and social theories. Hence, Acton holds it desirable to examine Marxist metaphysics "on its merits, with a view to its consistency and suggestiveness" (pp. 1-3). The main metaphysical concepts involved are the following: realism, naturalism, and dialectic. As regards to realism (the belief that "material things exist independently of perception of, or thought about, them"), Acton maintains that the Marxists are correct in rejecting both idealism and phenomenalism (p. 35), but he regards the arguments by which they reach this conclusion as either superficial or irrelevant (pp. 21-29).
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