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Review - Natural Law (Wild) - A study of Plato is...

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A study of Plato is peripheral to the objective of this book. The purpose is to demonstrate that right action and right social order are determined by the nature of man; that this nature is a propensity or system of change which follows a pattern of a certain structure when it is not impaired; that this tendency can diverge from this structure or fail to meet it, in which case the divergence or deficiency is evil; that human choice and human action can allow this propensity to comply with the structure or hamper it from so doing; that right action and right social order permit the tendency to achieve itself according to the structure which is exclusive to human nature, while wrong action and social order do the reverse. Not solely the human being but all living things and, in a more indefinite way, even nonliving things, says Wild, are what they are by reason of a procedure of change possessing a composition which is common to all members of the species. Ergo good and evil are established by the nature of things when nature is understood to be
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