Review - On the Manipulation of Money and Credit (Mises)

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The economic writing of Ludwig von Mises spanned seventy years – from 1902 to 1972. His major work, Human Action, is truly the economics bible for all peoples. However, he first rose to eminence For six decades Mises warned against the fallacious doctrines that took root between the two World Wars. He perceived the sources of our troubles nearly a century ago and over the years traced the growth of our present economic plight. On these pages, he explains, among other things: * How politicians produce booms that must bust. * The flaws in the government's attempts to "stabilize" the purchasing power of money.
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Unformatted text preview: * The why and how of stagflation. * A simple remedy for mass unemployment. * The weakness of index numbers. * The balance of payments phenomenon. * The difference between the expansion of commodity credit and circulation credit. * The role of gold. * How politically created money enters the economy. * The only way to lower interest rates. * The important unseen consequences of inflation. * How and why inflation must come to an end. Mises has left us his wise words which can still light up the road to economic sanity....
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