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This is a book of collected essays by one of America's most eminent 20 th -Century philosophers, Morris Cohen. The essays cover a wide range of topics indicative of Cohen's fertile mind, and a wide range of time as well (1910 to 1940). His is a wide intellectual interest not hampered too much by details of depth, but bolstered by enormous breadth of reading. His was the brilliance of mind that so acutely reveals the flaws of another. His was the skepticism that could grasp no real system and is free to float intellectually with a minimum number of "regulative" principles. This book is an admirable collection of bits of Cohen-analysis, and should be read by all students of the development of the American mind. A review of the book in terms of its contents would be futile. The essays, lectures, and seminar discussions cover logic, the meaning of philosophy, scientific method, the mental and the physical, realism, the theory of relativity, and comments on Bacon, Royce, Hegel, Croce, and others. The first essay is interesting in its quality of self-appraisal. It was
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