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CHAPTER 1 WHAT IS STATISTICS? SECTIONS 1 - 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS In the following multiple-choice questions, please circle the correct answer. 1. You asked five of your classmates about their height. On the basis of this information, you stated that the average height of all students in your university or college is 65 inches. This is an example of: a. descriptive statistics b. statistical inference c. parameter d. population ANSWER: b 4. A summary measure that is computed from a population is called a a. parameter b. statistic c. population d. sample ANSWER: a 6. Which of the following is not the goal of descriptive statistics? a. Summarizing data b. Displaying aspects of the collected data c. Reporting numerical findings d. Estimating characteristics of the population ANSWER: d 8. Descriptive statistics deals with methods of: a. organizing data b. summarizing data 1
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2 Chapter One c. presenting data in a convenient and informative way d. All of the above ANSWER: d 10. A company has developed a new battery, but the average lifetime is unknown. In order to estimate this average, a sample of 500 batteries is tested and the average lifetime of this sample is found to be 225 hours. The 225 hours is the value of a: a. parameter b. statistic c. sample d. population ANSWER: b 13. Researchers suspect that the average number of credits earned per semester by college students is rising. A researcher at Michigan State University (MSU) wished to estimate the number of credits earned by students during the fall semester of 2003 at MSU. To do so, he randomly selects 500 student transcripts and records the number of credits each student earned in the fall term 2003. He found that the average number of semester credits completed was 14.85 credits per student.
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