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week 1 checkpoint - rates down if it is adults then I say...

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I feel if I got hired to help my city council in an effort to improve crime prevention I would first start with knowing what crimes were the worst and when they were being done for example was it day or night. I would also talk to the people in the community and would also be talking with law enforcement seeing what they have done as to cleaning up crimes. I would also talk to them about the where the crimes are taking place and putting up cameras to help with the crime. I feel we need to see if it is kids and we would also need to set a curfew for them to keep the crime
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Unformatted text preview: rates down if it is adults then I say support group or drug related crime then the cameras would really help for us to keep the drug crime rate down too. In my opinion adults should know right from wrong but again they probably did not get this taught to them when they were young so as adults this is the only way they knew how to act. Again I feel the cameras would really help the community not only for adults but the kids as well and it has proven in many sates and cities and the curfew does work....
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