enviroment plan - even if we just recycled paper products...

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I believe there are a couple of things that we can agree on like the cost of energy will keep on rising every year, even if we monitor the usage of electricity that we use per month or the mount of gas we use no matter if it is gas for the car or natural gas. The differences between renewable energy and non renewable energy is that renewable energy is energy that can replace it self and we can reuse it all the time and non renewable energy is energy that we can not reuse when it is gone it is gone. Non- renewable is what causes much of the pollution in the air like burning coal. What we can all do to conserve energy, well we can start by replacing all of the bulbs to energy saver bulbs that will help reduce the energy by at least 50 %, we could replace our old appliances with new one such as furnace, water heater, stove, washer and dryer we could also carpool instead of using many cars to go to the same place or use the city bus to be able to go where we need to go and last we could also recycle,
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Unformatted text preview: even if we just recycled paper products that is a start to help save the environment. What can the government do to help out with conservation efforts, they could start by keeping trees in the ground where they belong instead of tearing them out for more building to go up, if we treat the this planet like our own homes (meaning we do not throw trash on our floors and an leave food laying around) then we would be in a better place for the environment. They could also have a way to support going green like giving special allowances for companies that choose to start buying items that will help conserve the environment. So the mains points of my project are trying to conserve energy any way we can and trying to get the government to do their part in saving the environment, which should not be that hard to do so because they are trying to past legislate to start helping conserve energy. Going green is the new way of life....
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enviroment plan - even if we just recycled paper products...

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