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Personal Monthly Budget PROJECTED MONTHLY INCOME Income 1 $2,500  PROJECTED BALANCE (Projected income minus expenses) $3,000  Extra income $500  Total monthly income $3,000  ACTUAL BALANCE (Actual income minus expenses) $3,000  ACTUAL MONTHLY INCOME Income 1 $2,500  Extra income $500  DIFFERENCE (Actual minus projected) $0  Total monthly income $3,000  HOUSING Projected Cost Actual Cost Difference ENTERTAINMENT Projected Cost Actual Cost Difference Mortgage or rent $1,500 $1,400 Err:509 Video/DVD $0 $50 Err:509 Phone $60 $100 Err:509 CDs Err:509 Electricity $50 $60 Err:509 Movies Err:509 Gas $200 $180 Err:509 Concerts Err:509 Water and sewer Err:509 Sporting events Err:509 Cable Err:509 Live theater Err:509 Waste removal Err:509 Other Err:509 Maintenance or repairs Err:509 Other Err:509 Supplies Err:509 Other Err:509 Other Err:509 Total Err:508 Err:508 Err:509 Total Err:508 Err:508 Err:509 LOANS Projected Cost Actual Cost Difference TRANSPORTATION
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