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16_split_Introduction to Algorithms 2nd Edition

16_split_Introduction to Algorithms 2nd Edition - Preface...

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Preface xv To the professional The wide range of topics in this book makes it an excellent handbook on algo- rithms. Because each chapter is relatively self-contained, you can focus in on the topics that most interest you. Most of the algorithms we discuss have great practical utility. We therefore address implementation concerns and other engineering issues. We often provide practical alternatives to the few algorithms that are primarily of theoretical interest. If you wish to implement any of the algorithms, you will find the translation of our pseudocode into your favorite programming language a fairly straightforward task. The pseudocode is designed to present each algorithm clearly and succinctly. Consequently, we do not address error-handling and other software-engineering is- sues that require specific assumptions about your programming environment. We attempt to present each algorithm simply and directly without allowing the idiosyn- crasies of a particular programming language to obscure its essence.
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