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17_split_Introduction to Algorithms 2nd Edition

17_split_Introduction to Algorithms 2nd Edition - xvi...

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Unformatted text preview: xvi Preface • Cliff Stein was added as a coauthor. • Errors have been corrected. How many errors? Let’s just say several. • There are three new chapters: • Chapter 1 discusses the role of algorithms in computing. • Chapter 5 covers probabilistic analysis and randomized algorithms. As in the first edition, these topics appear throughout the book. • Chapter 29 is devoted to linear programming. • Within chapters that were carried over from the first edition, there are new sec- tions on the following topics: • perfect hashing (Section 11.5), • two applications of dynamic programming (Sections 15.1 and 15.5), and • approximation algorithms that use randomization and linear programming (Section 35.4). • To allow more algorithms to appear earlier in the book, three of the chapters on mathematical background have been moved from Part I to the Appendix, which is Part VIII....
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