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Unformatted text preview: xviii Preface Acknowledgments for the first edition Many friends and colleagues have contributed greatly to the quality of this book. We thank all of you for your help and constructive criticisms. MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science has provided an ideal working environ- ment. Our colleagues in the laboratory’s Theory of Computation Group have been particularly supportive and tolerant of our incessant requests for critical appraisal of chapters. We specifically thank Baruch Awerbuch, Shafi Goldwasser, Leo Guibas, Tom Leighton, Albert Meyer, David Shmoys, and ´ Eva Tardos. Thanks to William Ang, Sally Bemus, Ray Hirschfeld, and Mark Reinhold for keeping our machines (DEC Microvaxes, Apple Macintoshes, and Sun Sparcstations) running and for re- compiling T E X whenever we exceeded a compile-time limit. Thinking Machines Corporation provided partial support for Charles Leiserson to work on this book during a leave of absence from MIT....
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