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Unformatted text preview: xx Preface Computer support was provided by William Ang, Scott Blomquist, and Greg Shomo at MIT and by Wayne Cripps, John Konkle, and Tim Tregubov at Dart- mouth. Thanks also to Be Blackburn, Don Dailey, Leigh Deacon, Irene Sebeda, and Cheryl Patton Wu at MIT and to Phyllis Bellmore, Kelly Clark, Delia Mauceli, Sammie Travis, Deb Whiting, and Beth Young at Dartmouth for administrative support. Michael Fromberger, Brian Campbell, Amanda Eubanks, Sung Hoon Kim, and Neha Narula also provided timely support at Dartmouth. Many people were kind enough to report errors in the first edition. We thank the following people, each of whom was the first to report an error from the first edition: Len Adleman, Selim Akl, Richard Anderson, Juan Andrade-Cetto, Gre- gory Bachelis, David Barrington, Paul Beame, Richard Beigel, Margrit Betke, Alex Blakemore, Bobby Blumofe, Alexander Brown, Xavier Cazin, Jack Chan, Richard Chang, Chienhua Chen, Ien Cheng, Hoon Choi, Drue Coles, Christian Collberg, George Collins, Eric Conrad, Peter Csaszar, Paul Dietz, Martin Dietzfelbinger,...
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