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Preface xxi Dean Hendrix, Richard Johnsonbaugh, Kyriakos Kalorkoti, Srinivas Kankanahalli, Hikyoo Koh, Steven Lindell, Errol Lloyd, Andy Lopez, Dian Rae Lopez, George Lucker, David Maier, Charles Martel, Xiannong Meng, David Mount, Alberto Poli- criti, Andrzej Proskurowski, Kirk Pruhs, Yves Robert, Guna Seetharaman, Stanley Selkow, Robert Sloan, Charles Steele, Gerard Tel, Murali Varanasi, Bernd Walter, and Alden Wright. We wish we could have carried out all your suggestions. The only problem is that if we had, the second edition would have been about 3000 pages long! The second edition was produced in L A T E X2 ε . Michael Downes converted the L A T E X macros from “classic” L A T E XtoL A T E X2 ε , and he converted the text files to use these new macros. David Jones also provided L A T E X2 ε support. Figures for the second edition were produced by the authors using MacDraw Pro. As in the first edition, the index was compiled using Windex, a C program written by the authors,
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