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8 Chapter 1 The Role of Algorithms in Computing orders is exponential in n , and so trying all possible orders may take a very long time. We shall see in Chapter 15 how to use a general technique known as dynamic programming to solve this problem much more efficiently. We are given an equation ax b ( mod n ) ,whe re a , b ,and n are integers, and we wish to find all the integers x , modulo n , that satisfy the equation. There may be zero, one, or more than one such solution. We can simply try x = 0 , 1 ,..., n 1 in order, but Chapter 31 shows a more efficient method. We are given n points in the plane, and we wish to find the convex hull of these points. The convex hull is the smallest convex polygon containing the points. Intuitively, we can think of each point as being represented by a nail sticking out from a board. The convex hull would be represented by a tight rubber band that surrounds all the nails. Each nail around which the rubber
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