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12 Chapter 1 The Role of Algorithms in Computing Algorithms and other technologies The example above shows that algorithms, like computer hardware, are a technol- ogy . Total system performance depends on choosing efficient algorithms as much as on choosing fast hardware. Just as rapid advances are being made in other com- puter technologies, they are being made in algorithms as well. You might wonder whether algorithms are truly that important on contemporary computers in light of other advanced technologies, such as hardware with high clock rates, pipelining, and superscalar architectures, easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs), object-oriented systems, and local-area and wide-area networking. The answer is yes. Although there are some applications that do not explicitly require algorithmic content at the application level (e.g., some simple web-based applications), most also require a degree of algorithmic content on their own. For example, consider a web-based service that determines how to travel from one
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