The Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Indians - 1 Women were the head of the house a...

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Tunya Alexander Anthropology Sect 09 Professor Bolding The Culture of The Cherokee Indian Thesis Statement : The focus of this Ethnography is to show you where and how the Cherokee Indians lived. Introduction: The Cherokee Indians lived a life that was very structured. They were very self sufficient and looked to each other for support to make their lives better. I. Where were the tribes located? A. How did the location of the Cherokee Indians effect their way of life? 1. The Cherokee were brave because they did not scare easily. 2. Who was in charge of the household? 3. What type of homes did the Cherokee's make for themselves II. The smokey mountain areas was where the tribes were located. A. When the Europeans came they introduced the Cherokees to various tools. 1. Knives 2. Steel B . Resources were readily available to the Indians. 1. The learned different ways of making tools to with hunting. a. Blowguns b. Snare c. Traps C . Cherokees did not have to have the man as the head of the household.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Women were the head of the house. a. Farming b. Taught the children arts and crafts c. Cooked and cleaned D . They lived in well put together villages. 1. Homes were made with there bare hand. a. Homes made of tree barks, weeds and grass b. The chief's home was built on a platform. c. Thatch and bark strips and mud are the materials being used. III. With all that was given to the Cherokee, they taught themselves how to survive. A . The location of the tribes changed their whole life style especially after the fur trade. 1. Before the fur trade, The Indians worked very hard and they took advantage all there resources. 2. They new how to hunt for game, which they used for food and fur. IV. Conclusion: Without all the resources and the help from the Europeans and the Spaniards the Cherokee Indians may have lived a not so great life. V. Source: Blankenship, Bob. “Background of the Cherokee Indiana”, The Cherokee Nation;1999...
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