The elements of the civil rights struggles relate to other movements

The elements of the civil rights struggles relate to other movements

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The elements of the civil rights struggles relate to other movements, such as economic power. Economic power is a struggle because some people just don’t have the funds to do everything that they would like to do in there live. Women and people of color still represent a large pool of lower paid wages. Once economic control is in the hands of the few, all others can be controlled through limiting access to resources, limiting mobility, limiting employment options. The Feminist movement is also another one that represents a large number of women that are underpaid and are not receiving the same pay as men. Some of the women are moving toward better jobs that men usually get hired for but they are not receiving the same pay.
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Unformatted text preview: Humanitarian movement against oppressed abused children. The problem of child prostitution in India is more complicated than in other Third World countries where it is directly related to sex tourism. In India, sexual exploitation of children has its roots in traditional practices, beliefs and gender discrimination. According to some research, child prostitution is socially acceptable in some sections of Indian society through the practice of Devas. Young girls are given to the 'gods' and they become a religious prostitute. There are believed to be around 3 300 dedanses in Belgaum area alone. Devas is banned by the Prohibition of Dedication Act of 1982. Parents or guardians dedicating their...
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