The Homeless Population

The Homeless Population - Tunya Alexander Social Worker...

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Tunya Alexander Social Worker Professor Marie Shelton October 28, 2010 Homeless In Memphis (The Lighthouse) The Lighthouse is a homeless shelter in Memphis Tennessee for women and men who have addictions and who are homeless. The Lighthouse is not only a shelter, but a ministry as well, it is faith based and geared toward bring the lost to Jesus Christ. The Shelter is filled with staff that have once in their lives found themselves in the same situation addicted to drugs and or alcohol, no job, no loved ones to turn to and no place to call home. While I was visiting the shelter, I came across this young man he could not have been not more than 26 or 28 years old. When I first saw him I wanted to ask him some questions, because he really seemed like he was doing okay. Well, after being there for about 45 minutes; He surprisingly started a conversation with me. He spoke and asked me how I was doing. We talked for about 20 minutes and without me having to ask him anything he began to tell me what happened to him. Kevin lost his wife and two daughters in a car accident and from that point on he was in a depressed state of mind and could not get out of it. He started to abuse alcohol and
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drugs; he eventually lost his job. He proceeded to tell me that without the Lighthouse and God on
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The Homeless Population - Tunya Alexander Social Worker...

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