Think chapter 13

Think chapter 13 - and the Oregon Trail in 1843 was just...

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Tunya Alexander 12/08/2009 History to 1877 Sec. 022 Chapter 13 The Crisis Of The Union 1844-1860 The Crisis of the Union started with Manifest Destiny, this is the extension of the constitution to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny was another creation for racial superiority. In this situation Native Americans and Mexicans had no power Should it happen in the South or the North. The North and South had two very different ways of handling things. The crisis over slavery was the issue at hand. Texas became independent, Texas had been populated by the Indians but it was territory for European Conflict. It seemed as if a lot territory was for European conflict. The Louisiana Purchase (1803) granted land west of the Miss- issippi. The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 gave Spanish sovereignty over the region. In 1821 Mexico received Independence from Spain. These are just a few things that happened . During this time quite a few things happened the Oregon Country
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Unformatted text preview: and the Oregon Trail in 1843 was just one of the Pacific Dreams. By 1860, about 250,000 Americans had braved the Oregon Trail, 65,000 headed for Oregon and the rest of California. Here we go with the women again having more work to do Women found found the trail especially difficult because it increase the authority, of their husbands, who directed the enterprise and added the work of driving wagons and animals to their usual duties. Isn't that something. In the required reading; the Fugitive Slave Act was part of The Compromise 1850. The Fugitive Slave Act consisted of Laws that denied a jury trial to all accused blacks and even the right to testify. Using its provisions southern owners re- enslaved 200 fugitives as well some free northern blacks. This was so wrong. I have to admit that I have learned a lot while taking this course but I am sadden by some of the facts that I did not know about....
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Think chapter 13 - and the Oregon Trail in 1843 was just...

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