Think chapter 15

Think chapter 15 - never really got to be real...

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Tunya Alexander 12/08/2009 History to 1877 Sec. 022 Chapter 15 Reconstruction 1865-1877 The Reconstruction was not really reconstruction at least not for the blacks they were still discriminated against in a lot of cases. Lincoln had hopes of reunited a wounded nation. The blacks were free but certainly not equal. The 13 th amendment gave the blacks an end to slavery the 14 th amendment gave the civil rights, the 15 th amendment gave the voting rights. Things did get a little better. In 1866 the planters wanted to retain the gang labor system of the past but with wages replacing the food, clothing, and shelter that the slaves had once received. Convinced that blacks needed supervision. The Freedmen;s Bureau granted the planters request. Blacks wanted to do sharecropping and that became peonage, which is were the landowner always had debt left over that the slaves owed him so they
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Unformatted text preview: never really got to be real sharecroppers. What a pity, there just isn't any equality for blacks during this time. The Black Codes represented a way to keep control over the blacks in south. Really blacks in the south had not rights or power the little that they had was very small. Violence and discrimination did not end it continued. Black codes defined the relationship between white an black societies as the whites were superior. Freedmen gained the right to earn wages for their work, the right to assemble with others in their family, free speech, and suffrage. They lost the right to own their own land. It seemed as if they lost all their rights or never really had any. So the black codes were written in an upscale way to still allow whites to have blacks in an upscale slavery....
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Think chapter 15 - never really got to be real...

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