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Tunya Alexande1 - Tunya Alexander U.S. History to 1877...

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Tunya Alexander U.S. History to 1877 Section 022 Who Were The People Of The Chucalissa Village? The Choctaw Indians were the people of the Chucalissa Village. The Native Americans of the Mississippian Period had the highest culture known to exist in the south east 1300 A.D. and 1600 A. D. Unfortunately they all died after the arrival of the Europeans in 1550 A. D. The Choctaw Indians were a very self – sufficient tribe. They used stones and wood sticks for tools and weapons. They needed the weapons to hunt for animals such as; turkeys, deer, rabbits and bears. The animals supplied them with meat, hides and fur for their families. The names of the weapons that they used were the blowguns, which I actually got a chance to shoot, it was fun, although I am not sure if I could’ve killed anything with it my, aim was not too good. The bow and arrows, and Atlatl were also popular weapons. The three major crops (also called the three sisters) were corn, beans and squash. The other crops consisted of tobacco and pumpkin. They also planted cane and other plants for use in woven pants and hides for clothing What amazed me the most about my visit to the Chucalissa Indian Village; was the various pants and herbs that they used to heal different health issues. The Indians called this, The Southeast Herbal Medicine. Here are some of the herbal medicines and what they were used for. The Bloodroot was used for the skin; it acted as an insect repellent. The Swamp Chestnut Oaks were used for fever,
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Tunya Alexande1 - Tunya Alexander U.S. History to 1877...

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