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Tunya Alexander Oct. 24, 2009 Oral Com. 029 In order to prevent the children of the poor from being a burden on society and their parents, those children should be sold as food consumption. 1. This is true because the less poor kids we got running around the better of the parents will be, not only can the parents be free of worrying with the kids, but the profit that they will make from sells would be unbelievable. 2. The parents could take a cruise, go shopping and not have to worry about paying another late bill, all the bills would be paid on time. No more stress, I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: know what the going price is for a kid these days, but I am sure it is a lot cash. Hey parents could take credit or check as well. 3. Who wouldn’t buy a kid as food ? One kid could feed a mom and dad for days, months, and maybe even years depending on the size of the kid. But they would have to be sure to freeze the kid so it won’t get spoiled. Freeze the kid so it won’t get spoiled. This idea kills two birds with one stone. Solving the situation of being poor and getting rid of the stress that kids bring....
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