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voc. deff. - • Positional info – molecular cues that...

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Model organism – when the primary research goal is to understand road biological principles , the organism chosen for study Cell differentiation – process by which cells become specialized in structure and function. Morphogenesis – physical process that gave an organism its shape, meaning creation of form. Apical meristems – structures responsible for a plant’s continual growth and formation of new organs Pluripotent – to give rise to multiple but not all cell types Stem cells – is a relatively unspecialized cell that can both reproduce itself and under appropriate conditions differtiate into specialized cells of one or more types Cytoplasmic determinants – maternal substances in the egg that influence the course of early dev. Induction – the process in which the signal molecules cause changes in nearby target cells Pattern formation – the dev. Of a spatial organization in which the tissues and organs of an organism are all in their characterstic places
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Unformatted text preview: • Positional info. – molecular cues that control pattern formation collectively • Embryonic lethal – mutations with phenotype causing death at the embryonic or larva stage • Egg polarity genes – maternal effect genes • Maternal effect gene – when a mutant in the mother results in a mutant phenotype in the offspring regardless of their own genotype • Morphogens – gradient of substances • Segmentation genes – the genes of the embryo whose products direct formation of segments after the embryo’s major body axes • Homeotic genes – the anatomical identity of segments is set by master regulatory genes • Cell lineage – basically a pedigree • Apoptosis – programmed cell death • Chimera – organisms with mix of genetically diff. cells • Organ identity gene – determines the type of structure that will grow from a meristem • Homeo box – 180 nucleotide box...
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voc. deff. - • Positional info – molecular cues that...

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