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1. In the US the top 200 highest paid CEO are all male F 2. United airlines board of directors includes 2 women F , 3 women 3. It’ll take 270 yrs for an equal # of women and men to be represented in top management at business in the US T 4. AOL Time Warner has 24 top executive, none are women F 5. 10% of CEOs at fortune 500 companies are women F , 3%
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Median weekly earning for a women working full time in 2003 was $522 F 7. Women with an average age of 35 earned of the male colleague in 2004 T 8. Women between 18-24 earned the same as men in 2004 F 9. Since 1970 women wage have increased by 34% T 10. Women account for 30 % of all MBA slots at top school in the US T...
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