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STAT530 Homework 1 Due: September 20th Download the integrin α 4 β 7 data from course website ( This experiment was conducted by the Erle Lab in UC San Francisco. This experiment aims to study the cell adhesion molecule integrin alpha4/beta7 which assists in directing the migration of blood lymphocytes to the intestine and associated lymphoid tissues. The goal of the study is to identify differentially expressed genes between the alpha4/beta7+ and alpha4/beta7- memory T helper cells. The study hypothesizes that differentially expressed genes may play a role in the adhesion or migration of T cells. Further details and results of the experiments can be found in Rodriguez (2004). The data set given here is a subset from the original dataset consisting of 6 replicated slides from different subjects. Complete information about the array platform and data from each of the individual arrays is available from GEO (accession number GSE 1039). Each hybridization involved beta 7+ cell RNA from a single subject (labeled with one
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