100913u - AGENDAProbability Hypergeometric Distribution...

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Sheet1 Page 1 AGENDAProbability Hypergeometric Distribution Poisson Distribution and approximation of Geometric Distribution Multinomial Distribution HYPERGEOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION Situations involving sampling without replacement Once you make an observation of an item, you discard the item (without replacement) This changes the probability of each subsequent observation Specify a lot of size = N with some number of successes = a Choose a sample of size n Probability of obtaining x successes in sample HYPERGEOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION HYPERGEOMETRIC EXAMPLE Shipment of 20 digital voice recorders with 5 defectives If 10 are randomly inspected, what is the probability that 2 of the 10 will be defective POISSON PROCESS AND DISTRIBUTION Poisson process Physical process wholly or in part controlled by some sort of chance mechanism Occurrences do not come at regular intervals The arrival of customers into a system The breakdown of production machinery Poisson distribution Distribution of number of observations of these ± random& events over
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100913u - AGENDAProbability Hypergeometric Distribution...

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