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Sheet1 Page 1 AGENDAProbability Review for quiz Optional homework problems Quiz DESCRIPTIVE MEASURES Mean Median Mode Minimum Maximum Range Variance Standard Deviation SAMPLE VARIANCE PERMUTATIONS n objects total r objects selected (less than n) Particular order of solution elements is important (A, B, C) is different from (C, B, A) COMBINATIONS n objects total r objects selected (less than n) No particular order - order is not important Any solution set of the same elements is the same CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY
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Unformatted text preview: What is the conditional probability of an event (A) happening given that another event (B) has occurred BAYES THEORM Extension of Conditional Probability If B1, B2,‰ Bn are mutually exclusive events of which one must occur then the probability of Br given event A is: MATHEMATICAL EXPECTATION Mathematical Expectation For amounts a1, a2, x ak With probabilities p1, p2, ¶ pk E=a1*p1+a2*p2+& ak*pk OPTIONAL HOMEWORK 2.39 3.25 3.71 3.111 (7TH) 3.97 (8TH)...
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