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Writing for Media Final Exam Story Assignment Your final exam will be a 1,200 -word news feature on how Orange County residents feel about the economy. It is due Tuesday, July 27th at 1 p.m. Hard copies only should be delivered to me at our classroom. I will not accept electronic versions. Please make arrangements with me should you wish to submit your story before the 27 th . The exam is worth 120 points. How to proceed? The task is to talk to a good cross-section of people about the economy. This is not an academic paper, but rather a snapshot of how people feel the country is doing, likely to do and, most significantly, how they personally are faring. That will be your focus. Your reporting, however, should include some basic economic information, including such key indicators as unemployment figures, consumer confidence, home foreclosures and declining sales, the budget deficit, retail sales, the stock market and other trends that portray the state of the economy. You probably will want to interview at least one economic or financial expert. Again, for the most part you will talk to regular people. A good mix is quite important, so that you don’t end up with a skewed story. Thus, take care to chat with professionals, blue-collar workers, students, old people, maybe even someone younger than you. In all, I think between six and ten interviews would be fine. These need not be long interviews. I have provided an interview prompt below you should consult. Beyond that prompt, here’s some additional guidance. The interviews should determine how the person’s general views, opinions about why the economy is in its current state, how the November elections could improve or worsen it and generally how he or she feels about the future. Almost certainly, the people you interview will have anecdotes to share. You’ll want to ask if they are cutting back in response to conditions. I have heard, for example, that weekday restaurant business is down. It seems everyone is cutting back on discretionary spending. This means not taking trips or curtailing buying luxury items. To be sure, many have suffered greatly during the crisis, losing jobs, homes or both. This story will require a good deal of work, so please don’t wait until the very end to start on it. I guarantee you the story will sub-par. Between now and the final we will work on preparing your story. Consult with me as much as you would like on any aspect of this project. INTERVIEW PROMPT
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The final exam will require you to interview at least eight people about the economic recession. There is no maximum number, though as a practical matter you will not want to talk to more than twelve or so. As I’ve noted in class, you almost certainly will end up with four or five good interviews if you talk to eight people. A good number of the interviews you conduct will not be of good quality, usually because the person selected had little to say or was uncooperative. As always, be sure to get full names, background information and anything else you deem pertinent.
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Writing+for+Media+Final+Exam+Story+Assignment - Writing for...

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