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02 x02 Management Information System

02 x02 Management Information System - MODULE 2 MANAGEMENT...

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Management Information Systems MODULE 2 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1. The primary functions of a computerized information system include A. input, processing, and output B. input, processing, output, and storage C. collecting, sorting, summarizing, and reporting D. input, processing, output, storage, and control Bobadilla 2. Accounting systems are designed to 3. The accounting and other reports coming to management are called feedback and would be used 4. Important types of control systems and procedures for accounting information systems are feedback, feed forward, and preventive control systems. Which of the following accomplish them, respectively? 5. Which is not a primary function of an AIS transaction processing system? A. converting economic events into financial transactions B. distributing financial information to operations personnel to support their daily operations C. monitoring external economic events D. recording financial transactions in the accounting records Bobadilla 6. A data base is a collection of related files Bobadilla terminals 7. Advantages of a database system include all of the following except Bobadilla in data data is current
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